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If you have ever played bingo as a child, than this works the same way.  You can use the standard cards or you can use the decorative cards with the pictures on them.  The cards can be purchased at a craft store, walmart, a party store, or most stores that sell decorations.  Here are a few FREE websites if you just want to print the cards online.  Enjoy!!
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Don't say the FAMOUS word BABY

When your guests first arrive, give them all a safety pin (cloths pen) or something that will clip to their shirt.  Attached to the safety pin should be the word baby.  Tell each guest don't say the word BABY, because if, so they will have their safety pin taken from them from the guest who catches them saying the word baby.  If two guest catch someone saying baby then the pin goes to whoever heard it first.  If there is a tie, it is up to the two guest to decide who gets the pin.  The guest who has the most pin's by the end of the baby shower should receive a gift.  

For tie breakers try to break the tie by asking the guests which one bought their invitation, have them play paper/scissors/rock, or based the tie breaker on who arrived first. If all else fails, then give them both a gift.
Needle in a haystack

For this game you need a medium bowl, a 1-2lb bag of rice, a pack of 50-100 safety pins, a timer and a blind fold.  First blind fold your guest and then tell them they have 15 - 30 seconds (or you can extend the time based on the number of guests you have) to find as many safety pins in the bowl of rice. For each safety pin your guest finds they need to place them on the table.This game is best played with one guest at a time, but if you want multiple guest to play, you will need multiple supplies.Which ever guest finds the most rice wins the game.   

Baby Scramble

All you need to do for this game is to come up with a list of baby words and scramble them.  For example the word baby is scramble into ybab...You can think of baby words and scramble them or print them online.  You can have as many words as you would like, but it will be a good ideal to come up with 10-20 words.  Some websites to visit if you choose to print a list from online are: 
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Gift ideals for Guests:

Each guest who wins a game, should be awarded a gift.

Earrings          Candles          Bath or lotion set          Gift certificate          CD         Socks          Picture Frames      

**These are cheap gift ideals.  Don't limit yourself...

When purchasing a baby shower cake, remember you have so many themes and colors to choose from.  You have places like walmart, Sam's, or any local grocery store that can make you a cake.  Depending on what cake you want determines the price.  This could be $25.00 and up.  Most women wants their cake to be unique, simply, and traditional. 
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$The Price is right

So you think you know how much a pack of diapers cost! Well, let's test your knowledge...

*These are examples only. The prices may vary in you area... You may also have to get a range for these different items.  Depending on what store you shop at will determine the prices.  For example, baby diapers could range from $5.00 to $20.00.  This price will depend on the size of the diapers, the brand, and whether you get a box of diapers, or a package?
Diapers  $20.00
Wipes  $2.50
A baby Toy  $5.00
A pack of onesies  $10.00
A package of socks  $6.00
A package of hats  $12.50
A pair of booties  $15.00
Baby lotion  $6.00
Baby formula  $15.99
Baby food  $0.59
Carseat  $100.00
Stroller  $100.00
A baby blanket  $15.00
A basinett  $500.00
A diaper bag  $25.00
A comfortable set  $100.00
A high chair  $75.00
A rocking chair  $150.00
A bouncer  $85.00
A bath tub  $20.00
A baby swing  $200.00
A play pin  $100.00
*Feel free to add more.  These prices will have the crowd rolling with tears.